Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.


January 29, 2014 by socialaction2014

 Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

Please Share. Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

THIS BEAUTIFUL PERSON Lacie Dryer committed suicide this morning in her home. Heartbroken from her children being taken away by CPS. She was one awesome mom sister friend and loved everyone. How could someone so strong… I can’t believe this happened. Suicide is never the answer ppl. I miss her already. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Source: Facebook memorial

Source: obituary

7 thoughts on “Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

  1. I know who this girl feels as social have taken my sons from me wen iv done nothing bar be a young mum to them and I’m hoping my 18 week old son don’t get adopted or I will end up the same as your kids are ur life ur lost with out them well I am lost with out my boys

  2. Christine Martin says:

    Never in my life have I encountered such mendacious, monsters.As devoid of all concience ,as the SS. They are blatantly child snatching for adoption and monetary purposes. whilst the evil authorities fill their wallets from the blood money obtained by stealth. My thoughts are with this poor lovely victim. Have you noticed how attractive she was? Her child was worth pure money. She was collateral damage. These people ,can be likened to the Stazi from the 40s. May they rot in hell.

  3. Debbi Tipton says:


  4. Dianne Wing says:

    Better oversight and more funding is needed for children’s protection services in all states. Too many children are left in or returned to abusive homes and then you have those who are removed from loving homes for frivolous reasons. Congressional funding is the answer to support these needed services.

  5. Porschia says:

    Instead of ” keeping” family’s together…(like they say they want to do).. They tear them apart! It terrible! So sad! If they only knew how bad they are hurting the children..ripping them away from the only thing they know!

  6. Gail Eddy says:

    My life was changed forever by the man who harmed our children, the state I live in WA, the prosecutor holding me accountable for a crime I did not commit nor had any part of, CPS for lying to my family about me, painting a picture of me to be a monster and dshs for doing the same, taking my twins away from me and adopting them out, CPS didnt want to reunify my children with me, I to was his victim of domestic violence but CPS treated me like a criminal and stole my children from myself and my entire family. Made their money adopting them out and never looked back. When I was released from prison my mother told me thank you for not committing suicide and that I was amazing for coming out alive. It took me 10 years and 16 tries at therapy to finally have the courage to face the pain and the loss of my children and what happened. I will forever be haunted by what happened to me by all authorities in the state of WA. He not only changed my life my children’s life and my entire family’s life forever but so did CPS. I was not treated like a victim but like a criminal for a crime I didnt committ. CPS rips family’s apart to make money off the innocent children. And could care less about the damage they left behind.

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