AMANI | Short Film (2019) – Based On A True Story

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February 28, 2019 by socialaction2014

Based on a true story from Amani Simpson, ‘AMANI’ is the latest short from Joivan Wade (The First Purge, Shiro’s Story, Deep It & Mandem On The Wall) – The film depicts the inner reflections of a young man battling with his faith after being stabbed seven times.

The vision is that this will be much more than a film, but rather a movement to strengthen the discussion and debate towards the end of the knife crime epidemic plaguing the lives of our young people and adults across the country. If you enjoy the film and agree with its messages don’t forget to please share the film with a friend, family member, colleague or even a complete stranger!

You can support the project further via…

More info on the wider project can be found here –

•✍️ Written by Joivan Wade & Ricardo Mcleary-Campbell – @joivan_wade & @actionwarriorreeks
•🎬 Directed by Joivan Wade & Richard Kattah – @joivan_wade & @richardkattah
•👨‍💻Produced by Amani Simpson – @amani.simpson
•🕴Executive Producer by Percelle Ascott, Joivan Wade, Tafara Makopa & Amani Simpson – @percelleascott, @joivan.wade, @tafara12, @amani_simpson
•🎙Spoken word is written & performed by Joivan Wade – @joivan_wade
• 🎥 Cinematography – Loren Pages – @lorenapagesp
•🎭Starring: Joivan Wade – Amani – @joivan_wade
Ellis Witter – Young Amani – @kingellisw
Karen Allen – Mum – @iamkarenallen,
Paul Mckenzie – Dad – @soupboxrealtalk,
Chris Preddie OBE – School Mentor – @cpobe1
Jourdan Riane – Ash – @jourdanriane,
Kheron Kenardo – Big Brother – @kkheron
Duayne Boachie – Older – @duayneboa,
Leroy Logan MBE – Police Officer – @leroylogan99,
Dr Clara Oliver – Head Paramedic
Kingsley Amadi – Paramedic
Robyn Travis as Himself
Amani Simpson as Himself – @amani.simpson

•🤝 Production Teams:
@littledropsproduction, @wallofproductions, @aviard_inspires





#MYM #ShortFilm #StopTheViolence




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