Slum Britain: 50 Years On | Tuesday 10pm | Channel 5

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December 2, 2016 by socialaction2014

This landmark documentary marks the 50th anniversary of the charity Shelter with a compelling and emotional insight into the impact of homelessness on families and individuals over the past half-century.

What happened to Britain’s slum children? Documentary revisits … › News › UK News › Shelter
But nearly 50 years on, what has happened to the Rump siblings – and the other poor children who were pictured by Nick in the UK’s slums?

Charity traces the children in famous Sixties slum photos | Society … › Society › Poverty
Slum Britain: 50 Years On is on Channel 5 at 10pm on 6 December … in English until 30 years later, it did very little to influence the first wave of …

It’s about time the media put an end to poverty porn – The i newspaper …

All of which makes the new feature-length television film Slum Britain: 50 Years On, set to air later this year, such a brave and interesting project …

Cardboard Citizens’ Cathy Come Home live

To mark our 25th anniversary and 50 years since the premiere of Ken Loach’s seminal film Cathy Come Home, for one night only Cardboard Citizens staged this one-off community ensemble project at the Barbican Hall; the result of working with more than 20 non-professional actors with experience of homelessness to bring the story to the stage for the first time.

Cardboard Citizens make theatre around homelessness and marginalisation – on both professional and community levels. We tour interactive and immersive theatre productions, touring nationally to theatres, hostels and prison. We also lead residencies with homeless communities and are the UK’s leading practitioners and trainers of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed methodology.

Find out more at

Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is ‘consciously cruel’

For over fifty years Ken Loach has made films that rage against social injustice in the UK. His work has made us confront many of the issues we’d rather avoid. He retired in 2014, but made a return in response to the Conservative Victory last year – and now wants us all to take a hard look at austerity Britain. He’s joined by Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng to debate what’s happening within Britain’s welfare system today.


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