VICE News Tonight: Inside The Prison Strikes Rippling Across The Country #PrisonStrikes


October 25, 2016 by socialaction2014

In September, inmate strikes at U.S. prisons spread into what’s believed to be the largest prison strike in American history. In a coordinated protest against a range of prison conditions, a total of 24,000 inmates in at least 12 states refused to work or eat.

Using a contraband cellphone, inmate Kinetic Justice spoke to VICE News’ Antonia Hylton about what led to strikes at Holman Correctional Facility in Alabama. “The conditions were so horrific and deplorable that sewage was actually coming up in the dormitory,” he explained. Then Holman’s correctional officers joined in the action to address overcrowding and understaffing, staging a protest of their own with nearly a dozen quitting or going on leave.

Read “Corrections officers aren’t showing up to work at this Alabama prison” –

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One thought on “VICE News Tonight: Inside The Prison Strikes Rippling Across The Country #PrisonStrikes

  1. loobitzh says:

    Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    Please circulate this post.

    The system in America is likely set to be copied here in the UK.
    Private Corporations running Prisons for Profit. Innmates treated as Slave labour, often confined in solitary confinment for months and even years being stripped of all human rights and treated like Dogs. The Prison Guards often subjected to deplorable conditions theselves, working for corporate giants such as G4s.

    The forced labour prisonsers have to endure offer dehumanising wages if any at all and the jobs they are given strip away at employment opportunities for people outside the prison system.
    Many or most suffer from debilitating Mental health conditions which are treated as behavioral disorders and they are demonised because of it.

    There lives living in cages like dogs is no way to offer rehabilitation.

    This cruel and inhumane treatment is merely an extension of the Slave trade and discriminations still prevalent in the US unconscious, reinforced by draconian laws which are designed to drag more minority vulnerable groups into this highly profitable Racket.

    Solidarity to all those connected with this Courageous protest…..

    There but for the grace of God go We……..

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