Hero or Murderer? 15-Year-Old Bresha Meadows Faces Life In Prison For Killing Abusive Father #JusticeforBreshaMeadows

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August 31, 2016 by socialaction2014

http://democracynow.org – A young girl who shot dead her abusive father now may face life in prison, sparking national outcry over the treatment of domestic violence survivors. On July 28, 14-year-old Bresha Meadows allegedly killed her father, Jonathan Meadows, with a bullet to his head as he slept. Only two months earlier, Bresha had run away from home, telling relatives that she was scared for her life ”because her father was beating her mother and threatening to kill the whole family.” Bresha’s father reportedly made life for his family a living hell, routinely attacking his wife—Bresha’s mother—breaking her ribs, puncturing her blood vessels, blackening her eyes and slashing her body. Jonathan Meadows’ siblings have denied allegations of domestic violence. His brother told Fox 8 News, “This has nothing to do with abuse,” and his sister Lena Cooper called his death “cold and calculated.” For more, we speak with freelance journalist Victoria Law, whose recent article for Rewire is “What Bresha Meadows, Arrested for Shooting Her Father After Reported Abuse, Faces Next.” And we speak with Bresha Meadows’s aunt, Martina Latessa, and Bresha’s lawyer Ian Friedman

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