What affects the people!


August 12, 2016 by socialaction2014

How will mass incarceration be defeated in America, through you the people!

Illinois Group fighting against torture inside prisons
We need street theater to re-enact the true conditions inside police interrogation rooms to show how men were tortured by Chicago police officers. Our goal would be to show how some judge’s treated defendants, how some family were treated by police and how they were treated inside Illinois prisons.
Many that were tortured under the command of Jon Burge and other detectives were openly deprived of safeguards by police and prosecutors to ensure that the confessions gain in some of the cases would serve as the lone evidence to draw convictions. The systematic approach to win convictions over the integrity of justice remain intact today despite activists on a national scale showing the criminal justice system its own flaws. Most JUDGES and PROSECUTORS work together and this is a flaw within the criminal justice system that must stop and stop now. Its bias, and in most cases can be construed as the prosecutor’s office working with judges to gain convictions,
Our attack for criminal justice reform must start with an identify as to the systematic issues that create the flaws that men and women must overcome to win flawed charges brought against them. There are 2.3 million people incarcerated and if you disagree, than you need to click off this page and go elsewhere for information.

Chicago police survivor Mark Clements mobilize to bring attention to kids taken to police stations in Chicago and tortured
Without education all received amounts to degradation by a criminal justice system that is designed to play poor people against poor people. Most of those that trust in the criminal justice system are rudely disappointed and some of you who sit right in the community know of these conditions however refuse to do anything about it; However run straight to us, the same people who you claim are doing harm to you for help after you have been wounded by the criminal justice system.
Sorry!, but most of you are in the conditions you are in by a lack of knowledge and new knowledge confuses many of you, making it hard and complicated to mobilize through negotiations through lawmakers and prosecutors. Racism is an issue that we all should be confronting, not running from it, but confronting the conditions for systematic change, because at the end of the day our fight is with those that are in power to keep the same racist and degrading laws effective against the people. You cannot CONFRONT racist through letters only, it requires you the people getting up and saying no more!. In all cases someone committed the crime, however we will not accept no longer PROSECUTORS in ability to provide poor black and brown people in this country with justice that is deserved, rather than going out of their way to try to target people that are standing with us and for us. All across America poor people are misled relevant to the criminal justice system, and through their own misguided assumptions have drew comfortable in their procrastination. Prosecutors wearing low cut dresses to influence judges decisions in criminal cases, that must be a “no-no”, and one of the agenda items directly addressed to our lawmakers and to judges whom we mobilize through.

CPAC fights for accountability against police officers in the city of Chicago #stoppolicecrimes #tortureisacrime
No we will not remove youtube video’s exposing the criminal justice system and toxic people that have worked as a snake against the people’s movement. We will remain to expose you, we will remain to chase you out of our territory and to educate the people relevant to you and your conduct rather an official or citizen. Who streets “Our Streets”, who that damn courthouse belong to, us, the people!. It’s “Our court houses”. We must remain to target police, prosecutors, and judges that work against our call. Yes! They might win today, but come in November vote their ass out of office and you don’t have to worry about them. This is non-sense, you know the toxic people within our police, prosecutor’s office, and court system all across this country and it’s simple either vote out your oppressors or be willing to suffer the harsh consequences of injustice that exist right this day in many of your households. It’s not hard at all to identify the toxic people nor mess within our communities. Identify must come with a agenda and that agenda aimed at criminal justice reforms must include a direct in your face approach against the criminal justice system…people standing in front of judges and screaming them down, people standing in front of sheriff officials and exposing them, people standing in front of jails and prisons all across America and directly approaching people and officials that are employed within these police stations, prosecutor’s office, and courthouses to shame them for the abuses and human right violations committed through the people.
Once we get these people out of public office it must be the community as a whole to reject hiring them as lawyers, Investigators, and advisors…making it clear that “WE the People have given them their pink slips” and that PINK SLIP means total abandonment of you the people of their businesses and legal services. This means we will not hire them in their private careers. Anita Alvarez was just one source to a face of corruption that permitted people to be openly abused, railroaded to prison while she permitted police to totally walk free from charges of murder, torture, and racism.

All across this country police have shot unarmed people and to justify their action…made a systematic statement that the suspect had a gun. We are learning that is not true as the many video’s are showing the people that some police officers are liars and cannot be trusted
I believe that Drew Peterson threaten to kill a prosecutors as much as I believe that gangs in Chicago sent a letter claiming to desire to ambush police officers. We the people must rise and stand when we are being placed in positions to be attacked. No it’s not right for people to shoot kids, this is something that is a national issue as people right in the community refuse to take charge in most cases. This requires identifying the toxic waste in the community and trying to change them through love and education. Many people do change, unfortunately many do not. Let’s stop being targets and identify the targets. We need change and unfortunately seeking change is something that many of you have not sought and because you have not sought it, sadly you don’t no what it look like.

The great leader Nelson Mandela best describes why the people are in outrage!
We need restorative justice programs in poor black and brown communities, we need elected officials that are willing to honor the people rather than the interest of government. All of this will come through remaining to mobilize and struggle for change, however the target must be our criminal justice system. We must cut the head off of the snake to conform the body as to what the people want and not what others desire over the people. Those of you in Schools, especially colleges, young law students, and who work hard to identify and fight against racism and a total breakdown of our criminal justice system…you must get involved for change.
Mark Clements is a Chicago police torture survivor and fights against injustice within our criminal court system, among prosecutors toward residents of society, and against a lack of integrity within our police departments, prosecutors office, judge’s, and prisons. Mark can be reached at: mark@nodeathpenalty.org

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