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August 5, 2016 by socialaction2014

In the city of Chicago people that are classified as victims of police torture, especially those that were youth remain to languish inside Illinois prisons praying for any additional evidence to surface that may be able to be used to be of a benefit to them. Most have filed post conviction petitions two or three times, despite the Illinois Post Conviction Hearing Act mandating one petition. Most are out of legal remedies as their claims have been decided against them, barring them from re-raising the issue, absent a petition and hearing to determine if they have established cause and prejudice, which is often ruled against prisoners who are forced to represent themselves.
Today all who believe that they were tortured by police within the jurisdiction of Cook County are allowed to file petitions before the Illinois Torture Inquiry Relief Commission, however it’s a commission that have been faced with heavy opposition from crime victim families and members of the Chicago police Department. For example if a complaint was filed today with this investigative agency “TIRC” a Petitioner may be fortunate to have his claims examined and ruled on within 30 months. If the petition is granted it take years upon years to adjudicate the court process. Special Cook County Assistant Prosecutors often challenge every hurdle of these cases and have continued the practice to allow police officers to lie in court rooms to gain convictions.
In the city of Chicago tortures occurred to mostly African American and Latino men inside notorious area two and three violent crime units, spreading across the city through subordinates under Burge in the mid-1980’s and continuing after 1993 when Burge was fired from the Chicago police Department. Young kids were taken to police stations and became victims of Burge and his subordinates. Throughout the history of the nightmarish encounters many kids had to endure as they come face to face inside an interrogation room with unethical, bullish, torturous and racist cops. Many were beat, some had their genitals or testicles grabbed and squeezed, most were deprived of access to telephone’s and police never made any reasonable attempt to notify their parent or a guardian where they were being held at nor to inform them upon their children safety.
Police officers that have engaged in systematic patterns of abuse against children were openly permitted to continue its pattern to gain convictions. In some of the cases that involve youth, I have filed a complaint to the Illinois Department of Children “IDCFS” and Family Services, seeking inquiry and investigation of all cases of well founded Burge cases, by “IDCFS”. Why well founded Burge cases. The city of Chicago have either settled or provided reparations. Through the city reparations it have admitted that tortures occurred in the city of Chicago from 1972 until 1991.
In the request that I have filed with “IDCFS”, that all identified cases of police torture that occurred within the state of Illinois by law enforcement toward youth, and were not referred to the “IDCFS” for investigation, including cases where that youth were deprived of their safeguards while in police custody, if a complaint was filed with the police department for mistreatment against the youth and was not referred to “IDCFS”, that this category of cases be likewise investigated by “IDCFS”.
It has been a very difficult task in achieving justice for those that are victims of police torture for lots of different reasons however we must mobilize, motivate, and stand firmly in unity with our demands.
Kids taken to Chicago police stations and tortured:
Once information started to surface that tortures were occurring at Chicago police stations, as early 1979, and that some of the claims were being made by youth such as Timothy Thompson, did the city of Chicago and “IDCFS” fail to provide safeguards to ensure that tortures were not occurring to children.
  • In 1980 Alphonso Travis who was just 15 years old was taken to a Chicago police station where he was successfully able to gain a reversal of his conviction for the offense of murder. Travis claimed that while at a Chicago police station he was tortured and coerced by police at area two violent crime unit. Travis was able to gain his release shortly thereafter.
  • In 1981 Mark Clements who was just 16 years old was taken to a Chicago Police Station, where he testified to seeing others tortured inside the police station before he was tortured to repeat a confession that was told to him by a Chicago Police detective who he witness inside the police station wash room drinking alcohol. Clements spent 28 years inside the Illinois Department of Corrections on a natural life sentence before winning his release.
Thompson, Travis and Clements each youth made complaints with the Office of Professional Standards, hereinafter referred as “OPS”, that each were deprived of access to telephones to notify their parents and that police made no reasonable attempt to notify their parents while they were held inside police stations and subsequently tortured to confess to crimes, Neither complaint that were filed by the trio were referred to the agency that is assigned through the State of Illinois to investigate claims of child abuse. This would leave only the notion that Chicago police and other law enforcement agencies across the state have acted with immunity, impunity, and no regard for the safety of youth, as police department investigations have been conducted by sources connected with the city or by the city through “OPS”.
Similarly Situated Cases:
  • Marcus Wiggins
  • Johnny Plummer
  • Anthony Jakes
  • Tyshawn Ross
  • Harold Hill
  • Carl Williams
  • Jaime Hauad
There are additional cases that are principle-based and qualify equal attention, however the cases that are chosen shows a start and continuous pattern of systematic torture, and raises an even bigger question as to logistical protocol in which the State of Illinois established to investigate kid claims of abuse, and inside police stations. Are Chicago police officers barred from “IDCFS” investigations, and if this is not the case, what occurred to all youth qualifies as a breakdown in the criminal justice system, human rights’ violations, and a complete lack of safety by the state of Illinois to its most vulnerable.
There are approximately 200 people that are torture victims that were affected as the result of Burge and other cops across the city of Chicago. Tortures did not just occur at area two and three violent crime units, however some statistics show that the outbreak of tortures inside Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics police stations may be worse than what Burge was freely allowed to operate.
Once a complaint was filed to “OPS” that agency investigated the claim. In most cases the claims would not be investigated in time for someone that have been charged with a serious offense and stands in need of the report to support his or her defense. In nearly all cases filed before “OPS” they were denied, despite in some cases hospital records were used to establish and support injury. Police were freely allowed to violate youth safeguards at will, testifying in open court that they violated the rights of kids, to face no consequences.
Once a police officer admitted to violation of a youth rights in courts from (1980-2002), it was always viewed harmless. However, it would be considered in totality hearings by cook county judges, that frequently denied “TOTALITY HEARINGS”, despite some cops admitting to the violation.
Police openly and freely violated youth safeguards inside police stations across the city of Chicago as a tool of defense to cover up beating, acts of torture, racial epithets, and other degrading acts to produce confessions from youth inside police interrogation rooms. Claims of police mistreatment was made public in the cases of Thompson, Travis, Clements, Wiggins, Plummer, Jakes, Ross, Hill, Williams, and Hauad, and these cases were adjudicated through court process, however not once did the “IDCFS” step in to investigate any complaint of police abuse inside Chicago police stations from 1980 until 2002.
The city of Chicago have admitted to torture, they have paid out large settlements or Reparation agreements to nearly eighty people. Those that have died who were identified as torture survivors were not made available monetary damages, with over 100 remaining incarcerated. The city of Chicago admits to causing each person that were tortured psychological pain and sufferings, while admitting to the tortures after 43 years after the fact, it remains without any remedy to strip Burge and his subordinates, or any other cop that have tortured confessions from kids inside police station interrogation rooms, of their pension.
A breakdown in the system occurred as the police department, county prosecutors, judges and even defense lawyers never notified the one and only agency, “IDCFS” about claims of torture that occurred to kids inside police stations. “OPS” had a right to conduct their own investigation, however should that investigation been conducted absent experts in child abuse and without notification to “IDCFS”.
All across the city of Chicago from 1972 until 1991, and beyond, systematic acts of torture occurred. Frustrated family and friends were often left hopeless never knowing which way to direct their love one case. If someone was to called 311 in Chicago and to explain that their 13 year old kid was beat by police, they were connected to “OPS” and that agency existed between the years of 1980 until 2002. “OPS” would collect the facts, interview the kid, and proceed to investigate. Never once were the “IDCFS” brought into any of these cases that “OPS” investigated, based upon kids abuse at the hands of Chicago police officers. If you or I were accused of child abuse we would be moved away from that kid, issued with orders not to go around nor to communicate with the kid. This protocol designed as policy by the “IDCFS” was not followed in cases of abuse by police against kids.
Starting immediately I am requesting all citizens regardless of what State or city you may reside in to participate in a letter writing campaign to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services urging them to please investigate claims of abuse that were made by children from 1980 until 2002, that while inside police interrogation rooms they were tortured to confess to crimes.
How to contact the Director over the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and what are our DEMANDS.
George H. Sheldon, DirectorIllinois Department of Children and Family Services406 East Monroe StreetSpringfield, IL 62701
Send a letter, make a copy of that letter and forward to mark@nodeathpenalty.org or mail to: Mark A. Clements, AdministratorCampaign to End the Death PenaltyP.O. Box 25730Chicago, IL 60625
  1. Ask them to fully and fairly investigate claims of police abuse against detectives that were identified in open court by kids, through court documents that were filed in the initial cases in which suppression hearings were held from 1980 until 2002.
  2. Request that they waive all procedural bar’s and to investigate claims of abuse that should have been referred to their agency decades ago by “OPS”, the city of Chicago, Cook County State’s Attorney Office, and Cook County Circuit Court Judge’s.
  3. Explain that the city of Chicago have reached settlements with some of the cases in which the city have apologized for the torture, however “IDCFS” was never called in once to investigate a single case of child abuse against a Chicago Police Officer.
  4. If you know someone that is incarcerated inside any Illinois prison that was a juvenile from 1980 until 2002, and may have been affected, please share this information with him or her, requesting them to contact “IDCFS” immediately and to file a complaint.
  5. Request based off of their findings, that a report be made available to the public based off of their investigation into the claims made by people who were abused inside police stations by police officers.
  6. Request that the report include the names of officers in which the agency have investigated for their report.
  7. Request for “IDCFS” to explain why it never investigated any claim of torture against children at Chicago police stations as the city of Chicago reached settlements in the cases of Marcus Wiggins and Johnny Plummer.
  8. Request that they investigate the complaint of Mark Clements, listing similarly situated, and that cases where the statute of limitation apply, that criminal charges be brought against members of the Chicago police Department for child abuse, cruelty, sexual assault, Obstruction of Justice and mental/psychological abuse.
Feel free to also include your own thoughts and what other additional steps that you believe should be taken to reopen these cases and to conduct fair and impartial investigations against cops for decade old child abuse cases in which the State of Illinois fail to investigate through possible intentional acts of obstruction of justice.
I am requesting the nation to take a stand against torture for the children. Vulnerable people that were taken to police stations and abused for the interest of racist police officers. Today the tortures of Burge have left a stain over the city of chicago for 45 years.
Thank you for your love and support.
Mark A. Clements,Chicago Police Torture Survivor, Juvenile Lifer, National Board Member with the CEDP

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