Black, old and locked up

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July 15, 2016 by socialaction2014

Moorbey'z Blog

Amerika’s prisonz are filled with older inmatez, most of whom are Black

Carolyn Guniss

The research dates back more than a decade: Americans are aging in prison. But what has been done about reducing ...

“If the goal is to reduce the prison population, they have to focus on aging, violent offenders. The numbers show that releasing only nonviolent offenders will not reduce the population. There just isn’t enough of them,” Farid said.

Then there is the problem of mobility of those of advanced age. Prisons aren’t configured to deal with frail or the infirmed.

“Prisons simply are not physically designed to accommodate the infirmities that come with age,” Jamie Fellner, a senior advisor at Human Rights Watch and an author of a report titled “Old Behind Bars,” told the Washington Post in 2015.

“There are countless ways that the aging inmates, some with dementia, bump up against the prison culture,” she said. “It is difficult to climb to the upper bunk, walk up stairs, wait outside for pills, take showers…

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