Judge orders Davontae Sanford released from prison #DavontaeSanford‪ #WrongfullyConvicted‬ #Graveinjustice #IMCOMINGHOME


June 8, 2016 by socialaction2014

Judge orders Davontae Sanford released from prison

Judge vacates conviction of teen in quadruple homicide


Davontae Sanford freed by judge after Vincent Smothers confession that he was the murder was accepted to be true

Judge orders Davontae Sanford to be released from prison
Sanford pleaded guilty to 2007 quadruple homicide when he was 14


Today corrects a grave injustice’

The Mercury –
The prosecutor’s office agreed Davontae Sanford’s second-degree murder conviction should be vacated after state police re-examined the case. Former hit-man Vincent Smothers confessed to the killings two weeks after Mr Sanford went to jail

Questionable police testimony helped wrongfully convict teen of murder, prosecutor says

MLive.com –
Questionable testimony from former Flint Police Chief and Deputy Detroit Police Chief James Tolbert led to the wrongful murder conviction a 14-year-old, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s Office said in a statement Tuesday.
Exoneration of Davontae Sanford

Sam Kaspick

Brooklyn, NY

7 JUN 2016 — Through teary eyes, I am so excited to share the news with you that today, Wayne County Judge Brian Sullivan has vacated Davontae’s 2008 convictions and sentences. He is finally going home!!!

From his attorneys:

“After 3,185 days of prison time for a crime he did not commit, Davontae finally got justice today. Davontae and his family, and many lawyers, have fought long and hard to show the truth in this case. We could not be happier that this day is finally here. In particular, we want to applaud the Michigan State Police (MSP) for their truly extraordinary reinvestigation of the Runyon Street murders and Davontae Sanford’s innocence. The evidence underlying Judge Sullivan and Kym Worthy’s decision today was uncovered by the MSP and they deserve immense credit.”

I couldn’t be happier—thank you for supporting this cause and helping to apply pressure to the prosecutors to do the right thing. It took them too long, but they finally acquiesced, realizing their mistake.

But Davontae still needs your help: he lost his entire adolescence; he lost the opportunity to go to school, get involved in educational extracurriculars, and learn real-world job skills his peers have already gained. Please donate to his exoneration fund (see link); all donations will go directly to Davontae.



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