Hit Man Confession Finally Frees Teen Convicted of 4 Murders ‪#‎Detroit‬ ‪#‎WrongfullyConvicted‬ ‪#‎JUSTICEDAVONTAE‬ ‪#‎KymWorthy‬ ‪#‎Exonerate‬

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June 8, 2016 by socialaction2014

A Judge has ordered the immediate release of Davontae Sanford, a man who falsely plead guilty to 4 murders at the age of 14. Echoing similarities of HBO’s Making a Murderer Sanford’s confession was found to be coerced by authorities. It was also uncovered that perjury occurred by former Detroit Police Deputy Chief James Tolbert who falsely testified that Davontae Sanford drew a diagram of the crime scene in its entirety, including the locations of the victims bodies. When authorities reexamined the case they found hitman Vincent Smothers gave a sworn affidavit claiming he killed the four people slain in a known drug house, including the location of a murder weapon, two weeks after the crime was committed. Smothers is currently serving prison time for eight unrelated murders. Once Sanford is released on bond, all charges will be eventually dropped. An investigation into the actions of the police officers involved is currently underway. Watch as Margaret J. Howell and Nik Zecevic discuss the release of Davontae Sanford on the Lip News.




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