The Secret History Of Bone Thugz-N-Harmony’z “Tha Crossroadz”

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April 30, 2016 by socialaction2014

Moorbey'z Blog


If you’re from the Midwest then you know just how many different genres of music come your way. If you’re specifically from Cleveland, Ohio, then you understand how all those styles left you feeling like, musically, you had to search for your own sound. With the 216 mostly known for its crooners (Gerald Levert, The Rude Boys, Men at Large) — it was hip-hop that permeated the streets from E. 99th and St. Clair down to the historic Gateway District. In the early 1990s, five high school dropouts would form a collective unit that would redefine how flow was used in the game, plus make them multi-platinum and Grammy award winning stars.

This group, formerly known as B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e, would go on to become known around the world as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Generally regarded as the creators of the Flow Motion (or Chopping), BTNH shot…

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