People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle

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April 29, 2016 by socialaction2014

This article was written during Schapelle’ trial in Bali. It was written whilst the media were actually reporting what they saw, rather than what they later tried to turn on its head. It was written when journalists like Mitchell used to do some journalism.

This was also written before anyone knew that written evidence was to emerge, evidence which totally damned Keelty and his corrupt and repugnant colleagues:

Nontheless, what Keelty was doing here was clearly obvious to everyone who witnessed it. His repeated sabotage of Schapelle’s trial did exactly what this article states: it took the heat off Sydney airport with its endemic corruption, and the involvement of his own officers. It also took the heat off his boss Ellison, John Howard, and his government, which had recently and corruptly privatised the same airport:…/background-briefing-business-as-…

It destroyed her, with Howard creating the impression that he was concerned, and wasn’t aware of what was going on here, when documentary proof now shows that he certainly was.

This was a grotesque abuse of human rights, ensuring that Schapelle was convicted without any sort of fair trial. It was the despicable sacrifice of an innocent human being for outright self-interest.

One day, the odious Keelty and his equally despicable mates must be dragged before the courts, to face the justice of the people.





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