What Prison is Like for Davontae in Maximum Security

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April 27, 2016 by socialaction2014

2 men burst into a house in a Detroit neighborhood where 4 men were watching Monday Night Football and shot them all to death. When the police arrived to begin their investigation, they saw 14 year old Davontae Sanford in his pajamas in the crowd of people wondering why the cops were there. They pinned the murders on him and he’s serving 40 years in maximum security prison. Help us free him by sharing this video. Another man confessed to the murders 6 years ago and led police to the murder weapon. For Davontae to still be in prison is unconscionable. Join us in our efforts to free this innocent young man. In this video, Valerie Newman tells what life is like for Davontae in prison. It is very difficult. Share this video so others will know and the pressure on these corrupt cops and prosecutors will increase to the point where they can’t cover it up any longer.

Scroll down for the links to friend Davontae on facebook, friend his mom and send her your best wishes and click on the link to sign the petition to draw attention to this injustice.




Write to Davontae in Prison
Inmate #684070
Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility
1576 West Blue Water Hwy
Ionia, MI 48846


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