A Tribute to Dr. Mutulu Shakur from Behind the Wall

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April 26, 2016 by socialaction2014

Moorbey'z Blog

By J. Jondhi Harrell (Kwame Tata Nganga Mbangala) in 2004

It is difficult to sit down and in a few words describe the impact that Dr. Mutulu Shakur (right) has on the lives of those around him. The many adjectives which I could use would be insufficient. Perhaps it would be best to simply try to bring you, the reader, inside of these walls for a glimpse into our world.

In each institution within the Federal system, and especially the maximum security facilities, there exists a multi-layered society with many factions, divisions and hierarchies. These are based upon racial groupings, social status, type of crime committed, geographical origins, national, state and regional ties, finances and finally, strength of character, personality, physical prowess, intelligence and personal charisma. It is a rare individual who has the ability to transcend these boundaries. Dr. Shakur possesses this ability. By virtue of his actions and…

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