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March 7, 2016 by socialaction2014

Free Pamela Smart

For decades the public has confused the cold blooded and ruthless killer teacher  in TO DIE FORwith  Pamela Smart.  For decades the media has deliberately and cynically reinforced that mistake through provocative  headlines, captions, articles, films, books, graphics, photos and TV shows.

Pamela Smart was never a teacher or a killer.  But she has always been a blood sport for the media, an easy target  for sensationalism, prurience, exploitation and undisguised snickers.   The world has been programmed to hate Pamela Smart by this obsessive and exploitive linking of her name and situation to a sociopathic character in a highly popular work of fiction.  It  has provoked cruel treatment inside prison, the dimming of her prospects to seek relief or freedom, and a blood-lust by the mob.   It may have locked the prison gates so tight they may never open.

Pamela Smart is a real and worthwhile person, not the…

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