I’M A VEGAN (Rap Video) by DISL Automatic (Prod. by VeCity)


January 17, 2016 by socialaction2014

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Information on Veganism and Animal Agriculture/Products:
Everything you need to know about Veganism: http://adaptt.org/veganism.html

Melanie Joy – Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat: https://youtu.be/7vWbV9FPo_Q

101 – Reasons to Go Vegan – Presentation: https://youtu.be/W4HJcq8qHAY

Earthlings: https://youtu.be/PB_ZMiYy_OQ

Cowspiracy: https://www.solarmovie.is/watch-cowsp… or watch on NETFLIX

Forks Over Knives:https://www.solarmovie.is/watch-forks… or watch on NETFLIX

“Why Vegan? Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” by Gary Yourofsky: https://youtu.be/es6U00LMmC4

Global Warming: MEAT THE TRUTH documentary (HD, full length • 4 subtitles): https://youtu.be/2uTJsZrX2wI

Muzzling a Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism: http://www.amazon.com/Muzzling-Moveme…

Muzzling a Movement (Part One): https://youtu.be/Teb5A08o5-Q

Muzzling a Movement (Part Two): https://youtu.be/Mel4tKazkmk

Making the Connection – Why Vegan? PART 1: https://youtu.be/CnlVS3sw_-s

Making the Connection – Why Vegan? PART 2: https://youtu.be/rmMMm2Vh8YQ

What Is Veganism? [After Watching This You Will Go Vegan]: https://youtu.be/sepObR6pL1Y

Talk – Howard Lyman – Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat: https://youtu.be/ZCMWctmCCqU

Animal Protein — Meat and Dairy — Cause Cancer: https://youtu.be/yfsT-qYeqGM

The Starch Solution – John McDougall MD: https://youtu.be/4XVf36nwraw

Animal Protein “Turns On” Cancer Genes – T. Colin Campbell PhD: https://youtu.be/mguepudBoYA

The China Study: http://www.amazon.com/The-China-Study…

Documentary On Leading Causes Of Death – Delay Death With Veganism: https://youtu.be/ke2LtkDXZrI

Lifestyle Medicine: https://youtu.be/QDLOf9A4J6I

40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger: https://youtu.be/q7KeRwdIH04

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar — Physically Addictive: https://youtu.be/5VWi6dXCT7I

The Myth of Sustainable Meat: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/13/opi…


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