Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

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January 7, 2016 by socialaction2014

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth


A sad reality for all G8 CountriesA sad reality for all G8 Countries

The problem with the question I am asking here is many in the USA don’t even know what ‘Fascism is, nor do they care. I know some American’s who are smart enough to say “We vote Trump as next POTUS we got backwards further” but I also see people write “OH Yeah I am voting Donald Trump as it makes sense for America” THEN! They don’t explain in what way it will be GOOD for the USA, so please tell me why Donald Trump is good for America as POTUS. These are the FORTUNATE Americans who can go on European tours to different Countries, can eat out most nights, go to the cinema regularly and live well, if you feel I am talking about YOU then sadly that is your own conscious you can feel!  Today over 50% of the USA are poor, but unless…

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