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December 31, 2015 by socialaction2014

There has been a development in the never ending pursuit of new evidence. This has come via the long term efforts of a supporter in WA, who has been pressing FOI requests relating to the drug shipment which was on the same baggage handler bench, at exactly the same time, as Schapelle’s empty boogie-board bag. He has now exhausted the FOI route and needs to take it to court to get any further.

He has sent us a letter to post, which is coppied below. Please do read it.

Dear Schapelle Corby Supporters,

Your help is needed!

There have been administrative cogs churning in the background for years through FOI applications upon FOI applications and then reviews of FOI decisions (both internally and externally). One such line of investigation has taken over 2 years and will cease on January 11th 2016 if no further action is taken to appeal the Australian Information Commissioner’s finding.

For brevity, this FOI application involves identification of the bag that is strongly suspected to have contained the 4.2 Kg of marijuana when it arrived in Sydney airport on October 8th 2004 and surreptitiously rendezvoused with Schapelle’s boogie board bag when it was reprocessed for another flight departing from the international terminal. The AFP hold this bag as evidence from Operation Mocha, but are refusing to release even just one picture of it to help confirm whether this is in fact the bag of interest. All lines of of inquiry taken so far suggest it is, but a visual confirmation is needed. The AFP’s reasons for withholding pictures of the case are because they believe that releasing even one picture will weaken the prosecution’s case against one remaining individual who has yet to be arrested. This argument is baseless as it has been over 10 years since Operation Mocha was launched, there is a mountain of other evidence which is useable and it is not known whether this person of interest is in Australia, overseas or is in fact still alive. In comparison, if what is suspected about this case is in fact true, then it becomes extremely crucial evidence to overturn Schapelle’s conviction.

Your help is needed as it is time to take additional action through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The application process involves paying a fee of $861 and donations are sought to help reach that target. The deadline for this activity is January 10th 2016.

This is perhaps the biggest opportunity for a major breakthrough in many, many years.

A bank account has been sent up specifically for this, which currently has $1 in it.

Donations can be sent to BSB – 112-879, Account number 440154337

Further information related to this murky situation is available on the following pages:…/transit-report-34-drug-syndicati……/exhibit-gift-from-state.html…/informant-ri-719-tom-indemnity-f…

That the AFP are fighting tooth and nail, once again, to hide evidence, is exactly what they have done from day one. Hopefully we can raise enough money on this particular case to get them before a court.

For anyone unable to do a bank transfer, you can use the following PayPal account:
Donations will be paid to the above bank account directly from this.

If you are able to, please do help. Thank you.

People For Schapelle Corby

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