There are no circumstances in which human rights should be scrapped.

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December 27, 2015 by socialaction2014

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,299

Monday 28 December 2015. There are no circumstances in which human rights should be scrapped.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Michael Fallon’s call for the human rights act to be suspended for the armed forces has apparently been dismissed as the ‘worst kind of jingoistic rubbish’ by Tim Farron. He carries on with his own brand of jingoism by saying, ‘Our soldiers are currently fighting extremism to protect values like freedom, democracy and civil liberties – the very human rights that others seek to extinguish’.

The use of ‘terrorism’ to advocate the invasion of sovereign nations in wars of aggression is not just an abuse of the human rights of the many people who pay the ultimate price for such invasions but falls into the trap of the jingoistic propaganda that advocates war.

Human rights exist to protect everyone, in law, from violations of life, most especially in extremis and war is nothing if not extreme no matter that media coverage makes it seem an almost banal and everyday issue.

War is always a violation of life, no matter where, no matter when, is that so very hard to understand? To suspend human rights in a time of war is, in itself, extremism.

Human rights must be for all humans in all circumstances and under no circumstances should they ever be suspended. It is the very essence of civilisation that even the worst and most depraved brute is accorded human rights. To do less is to be less than civilised and to endorse brutality, be it for outrage, vengeance or for some kind of brute justice.

Therein lies the decent into madness. The best cover up for human rights abuses is to protect such abuses by abandoning the laws that protect them.

Fallon is advocating such madness as are you in wanting to scrap the human rights act in Britain. That is the road to madness and extremism and must be opposed for the sake of all humanity.


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