Petitioning Governor Jerry Brown Pardon for Sara Kruzan

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October 28, 2015 by socialaction2014

Michael Juster Alcabideche, Portugal

J. Kruzan is now 37 years old. Google and Youtube her story, but a few
headlines; Sara grew up in a chaotic environment,surrounded by abuse and
drugs. She was continuously abused and molested throughout her
childhood. At 11 she was raped. At 13 she was gangraped, and forced
into child sex trafficking throughout California. Her trafficker was 20
years older than Sara . At 16, under threats that her mother would be
killed if Sara didn’t comply with orders, she finally broke down, and
shot her trafficker,her abuser, while he was getting ready to rape her
once more! Sara’s defence attorney called no witnesses during her 2 day
trial. Sara was sentenced at 17, to Life without the possibility of
parole! The judge later admitted in letters to the courts, that grave
mistakes were made by him during the trial. Sara spent the next 19 years
incarcerated. Convinced that she would die in prison, she still became a
‘model inmate’ helping other inmates, facilitating classes in prison,
mentoring hundreds of students through letters, and creating a ‘self
help’ programme that the CA parole board later found extremely
impressive. Sara, through working long hours,every day while
incarcerated, also paid off every cent of her 10.000 dollar fine to
Victims Services.

Through a tiredless effort by her pro-bono team of lawyers, and
public campaigning – but most of all, Sara’s own efforts and impeccable
behaviour, all parties, from the procecutors office, to the CA Supreme
court and the then Governor, agreed that Sara’s sentence was excessive.
And that she deserved a parole hearing. That parole hearing took place
in June 2013. All parties agreed, that society would be much better off,
by finally letting Sara come home! Sara was paroled in October 2013.
Since then, she has continued where she left off while incarcerated. She
has been honored by The Berkeley Law school in CA, and by the
Washington DC based,Campaign for the fair sentencing of Youth. She has
given keynote speeches from coast to coast and continues to work for a
more just Juvenile justice system. Just this month, Sara will speak in
Utah, Washington DC,NJ,TX and be interviewed on ABC. She has mentored a
highschool basketball team. She continues advocating for victims of
child sex trafficking, volunteering and helping raise awareness on the
horrible collateral damage that takes place, on juveniles within the
prison system in California.

Sara has also become the mother of a wonderful little daughter.

Now…’s time for Sara to finally gain the freedom that you and I
take for granted every day. Which is, not having to bear all the
restrictions that continued parole puts on her! Sara’s current
restrictions have her on a 5 years to Life, parole. That means
restrictions on where she can go, when she has to report for meetings,
where she can apply for a job, etc etc.  This could be for life.  That
is wrong and unjust.

Sara was a victim of abuse and injustice. She has put all that behind
her and has for many years now proved, that she means it when she says,
that she wants to better our society. Help our children avoid living
the life that she was forced into as a child. She is doing just that, as
we speak! Please, join me in this petition and ask Governor Jerry Brown
of California, to finally grant her the pardon that she so much
deserves. To let her off of all the restrictions, that being on parole
puts on her. Please sign this petition.  Help Sara gain her full
freedom.  The Governor of California will hear your voice.


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