Give Cyntoia Brown a fair trial as a minor as she should have had from the beginning


October 27, 2015 by socialaction2014

Brown is serving a life sentence in Tennessee Prison for Women for the
murder of Johnny Allen. However, there is evidence to support that she
did this in self-defense, she was 16 at the time of the incident AND was
tried as an adult.There is also evidence to suggest that Cyntoia has
some mental and emotional disorders as a result of being abused as a
child. Please help her get a re-trial so that the mistake of giving her a
life sentence can be corrected.

In 2004, Cyntoia Brown was arrested for murder. There was no question
that a 43-year-old man is dead and that she killed him. What mystified
filmmaker Daniel Birman was just how common violence among youth is, and
just how rarely we stop to question our assumptions about it. He
wondered in this case what led a girl — who grew up in a reasonable home
environment — to this tragic end?

Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story explores Cyntoia’s history and her
future. Without attempting to excuse her crime as youthful indiscretion
nor to vilify her as an example of a generation gone off the rails,
Birman simply follows Cyntoia through six years of her life after the
crime, and searches for answers to persistent questions.

In a world where children are finding themselves caught in the chaos
and fear of abusive parents leading abusive lifestyles, is it any wonder
so many children are finding themselves facing lengthy prison

Cyntoia Brown is one of these children, born into a life of parental
drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and eventually being placed in
foster care.

She was influenced early on in life that the way to treat others was
the way she herself was treated, that to survive prostitution was not a
quick way to earn money but a survival tactic.

Society continually condemns and screams for change where children
are physically and sexually abused, emotionally abused, it seems this
very child commits a crime viewed as so heinous no one should reach out
and try to save her.

Placing children in Adult Prisons has become a very matter of fact
procedure in the court rooms of the US, placing them in situations of
fear and abuse very much identical to the life they rebelled against on
the street.

If a child commits a serious crime of cause they must be punished, but the focus should be on rehabilitative not retributive.

I’m asking for people to help this young lady that needs our help not
to be further harmed to help her and get what is needed a fair re-trial
as a youth since she was only a youth at the time at a mere 16 years
old…if this unjust stays the way it is she wont be out till shes in
her 60’s that’s a whole life wasted I know Cyntoia is sorry for what

Please lets help this young lady that has lived a hard life right
from the get go and get her the fair re-trial she deserves as a youth

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