Independent Lens | India’s Daughter | Preview | PBS

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October 26, 2015 by socialaction2014

India’s Daughter is the story of the brutal gang rape and murder in Delhi of young medical student Jyoti Singh, which sparked protests and serious soul-searching from men and women alike in India. The film uses interviews of people involved in all sides of the case to paint a complicated picture of a country wrestling with gender inequality.

India’s Daughter premieres on PBS’s Independent Lens on Monday, November 16, 2015.

Learn more about India’s Daughter:…

Independent Lens | India’s Daughter | “No Fear, No Shame, No Remorse” | PBS

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary India’s Daughter, one of the men who raped and murdered Jyoti Singh explains his view of a woman’s place in the world; meanwhile, Jyoti’s parents remember their daughter and the shocking lack of remorse from her killers.

Independent Lens | India’s Daughter | “To Teach Them a Lesson” | PBS

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary “India’s Daughter,” those closest to Jyoti Singh’s case — from her parents to Leila Smith (former Chief Justice and member of Rape Review Committee in India) to one of the perpetrators and his defense lawyer — discuss their perspectives on the brutal act of violence that took Jyoti’s life. [Warning: Contains graphic description.]


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