“Bearing Witness: Igniting OUR Power”


October 24, 2015 by socialaction2014

Resistance and Rebellion Series Part II
Continuing the discussion beyond political empowerment. 
with Dr. Ruby N. Sales
Saturday, October 24, 2015 LIVE 10 pm EDT
LISTEN LIVE and Join the OPEN Chat: http://bit.ly/1R0Khtx
Call In – Listen Line: 347-838-9852

About Rebellion and Resistance: American Slavery

of perspective, scholars and lay practitioners of African American
Studies are in agreement that enslaved Africans and enslaved African
Americans collectively resisted, at times rebelled, against slavery. In
other words, slaves never accepted slavery. Some may have resigned
themselves to their status as slaves, but resignation is not the same as
acceptance. Scholars explore the numerous factors, including age, sex,
gender, enslaved overseas, born into slavery, level of slaves’
organization, severity of slaveholders’ management, health, geographical
location, patrollers (a form of police patrol), and the extent of
slaveholders’ surveillance, that enslaved people drew upon to subvert
the system of enslaved labor. Whether resistance or rebellion, slaves
showed determination to win freedom.”

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