The Tories and the servile state.


October 15, 2015 by socialaction2014

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,232

Friday 16 October 2015. The Tories and the servile state.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Jeremy Hunt wants us to work harder and die younger just like the
Americans and Chinese. The World Health Organisation life expectancy
rankings has Britain at 19th, the US at 34 and China at 67. Just who in
hell does Hunt think he is?

Iain Duncan Smith believes that
people are incentivised to work through state imposed poverty,
deprivation and starvation. He also believes that work helps cure ill
health, disability and life threatening diseases. 200 disabled people a
week are losing their Motability Allowance as they are moved from
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) on to Personal Independence Payments
(PIP) thereby losing their independent means of mobility. Are they now
meant to get around on the seat of their pants, dragging themselves on
bare knuckles to the healing sanctuary of work?

steelworks in Redcar is to close for good with the loss of some 1,700
jobs and affecting 9,000 other local jobs that rely on the steel works
for their livelihood. I very much hope the good people of Redcar and
Teeside will keep us posted on whether Jobcentres impose any sanctions
on those seeking the support of Jobseekers Allowance to incentivise them
to find jobs in an area with its heart torn out.

Odd, wouldn’t
you say, that we can bail out the banks which can hardly be described
as national assets as we struggle to recover from their profligate self
serving greed and malfeasance and yet we cannot save one of Britain’s
major industrial assets and the livelihoods of those who work there? So
much for ‘hard working people’ and the Tories being ‘the party for
working people’ offering ‘a brighter more secure future’. The bank bail
out cost us hundreds of billions, not to mention the £375 billion of
money from fresh air given to the banks in quantitative easing, yet we
cannot afford a hundred or so million quid to save Redcar.

is to Britain’s shame that 25% of the electorate could vote for a party
of liars, a party that leaves no stone unturned in betraying the lives
of ordinary people, a party, as we heard in parliament just yesterday,
that laughs and jeers at the suffering they cause.

Howard Zinn
lamented the obsequious servants of the overbearing state. How are
people not affronted by your patronising language of ownership, or
standing up to you Tory advocates of the top down abuses of the
Victorian factory owners who used and abused people, including children,
so extravagantly? We are not vassals of the state, Mr Cameron, nor are
we your servants or slaves. The days of doffed caps and obsequious
grovelling are over, whatever mandate you think you have is not yours to
abuse as you see fit, nor is it written in stone or bound with iron,
you only have it on sufferance, with the consent of the people.


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