#JusticeIsNotForSale Act w/ activist attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds


October 8, 2015 by socialaction2014

Posted: 07 Oct 2015 12:31 PM PDT
Nekima Levy-Pounds

Sept 30, 2015 – We have a special guest joining us tonight to provide an analysis on the historic Justice Is Not For Sale Act submitted by Bernie Sanders on September 18th.

Our guest is Nekima Levy-Pounds.
The Abolitionist Attorney. An award-winning professor of law, civil
rights attorney, and a nationally recognized expert on a range of civil
rights and social justice issues at the intersections of race, public
policy, economic justice, public education, juvenile justice, and the
criminal justice system.

Professor Levy-Pounds also serves as a
consultant to various civil rights groups, business entities, public
policy organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and
nonprofit organizations.

She also serves as the chair of the
Minnesota State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil
Rights and is the co-chair of Everybody In, a regional collaboration of
over 40 stakeholders across different sectors working to close the
racial unemployment gaps in the region by 2020.

Levy-Pounds is active in the local community, serving on the boards of
the Minneapolis Foundation, Catholic Charities, the African American
Museum, and Growth & Justice. She is also the author of numerous
scholarly articles and essays on structural and systemic issues that
impact poor communities of color. She is one of the leading voices in
#BlackLivesMatter Minneapolis, and in May of 2015 was elected as
president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP

• We’ve helped
expose this crime and today we report a victory. Whole Foods has
announced it will stop using their prison labor program after multiple
protests around the country and a barrage of negative media coverage
from national news outlets.

• In a constant miscarriage of
justice In 2014 there were 700,993 arrests for marijuana in the United
States. That’s one every 45 seconds. That’s also 7,000 more than the
last year, with nearly 90 percent of those arrests for simple

• This week it was announced that Oregon will be
expunging the old records of marijuana offenders, along with their new
legalization plan. It’s a tricky deal and we’ll tell you how.

Members of the Florida Republican Party conducted a secret meeting to
lay out a plan to unseat Congresswoman Corrine Brown through
redistricting. The plan – spearheaded by Florida State Rep. Janet Adkins
– would pack inmates/felons who are ineligible to vote into the 5th
Congressional District. As lawmakers and GOP activists in the meeting
were secretly plotting against Brown, they were also secretly being
recorded. We’ll play it for you tonight.

• Today on New
Abolitionists Radio we examine the state that inspired our
investigations and studies. A state that has been charged with gross
constitutional violations and unlawful acts by its courts, governing
body and police departments. Where the extortion is so blatant that the
city asked the police to increase revenues and 33,000 outstanding arrest
warrants, or an astonishing 26 per resident are issued in one city
alone.A state proven to be racist and discriminatory up to and including
murdering unarmed civilians in cold blood. Like Mike Brown and Kajeme
Powell. THE STATE which brought out national guards, tanks and tear gas
on civilians protesting their violated rights as human beings. THE STATE
which was so egregious that it started a series of national movements.
Today we take it home and show you that this state is truly represented
by the uncovered nightmares of a key city Missouri is #Ferguson

This week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Reginald
“Reggie” Griffin, 53, was sentenced to death for the July 12, 1983
stabbing of James Bausley in a yard at the Moberly Correctional Center
(then known as the Missouri Training Center for Men). In August 2011,
the Missouri Supreme Court vacated Griffin’s conviction after finding
the state had withheld evidence related to another prisoner who was
likely involved in the murder. The charges were dropped in October 2013
after prosecutors indicated they did not have sufficient evidence to
convict him.

• Our Abolitionist in profile is Frederick Starr Jr. (1826-1867),

Abolish Private Prisons #JusticeIsNotForSale


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