If life has a purpose then it is life itself which is that purpose.


September 27, 2015 by socialaction2014

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,214
Monday 28 September 2015. If life has a purpose then it is life itself which is that purpose.Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and
you wish to send your own copy please feel free to use it and alter it
for your own needs for your own letter.
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Dear Mr Cameron,

You know, sitting, as you do, in the top 10% or 1% of society, or maybe
in the top 1% of the top 1% (I don’t know), it is easy for you to judge
us and hand down your judgement of us and exact your penances upon us.

You’ve made us slaves to debt. Permanent slaves to austerity. As if
we’d had our evil way with the golden pig and now we must pay it back.

But we didn’t, it was not us. Pick out from us the bankers among us who
porked the golden pie and, yes, by all means hold us to account, kill
us, remove us, deprive us. If we did…
But we did not.

You have never lived or worked in our world, you have enjoyed all the
privileges that accident of birth into the upper class could bestow upon
you and yet you presume to dictate to us how we should live and to be
the leader of the ‘party of working people’, an utterly ludicrous
supposition, a fantasy made out of thin air and, of course, spin.

The working class and middle class are the nation builders, the
teachers, bricklayers, nurses, doctors, cleaners, firemen and women,
street cleaners and the myriad other jobs that create, build, and hold a
country together, the wealth creators and those who maintain the entire
structure of the world. There are millions in in-work poverty,
underpaid and underfed, barely making the news unless it is to report
yet another tragic death through poverty and despair.
It is
amazing that the only political leader, with an overwhelming democratic
mandate, to speak up for ordinary people, including the poor and
dispossessed, in this country and this new century, is being reviled and
demonised for standing up for social justice. An, as yet unnamed,
general, has even threatened treasonous mutiny if Jeremy Corbyn becomes
prime minister for opposing a weapons system which at best will never be
deployed, and if used will bring about mutually assured destruction.
How many people in the UK will needlessly die of poverty over Tridents
25 year, £100 billion, lifetime?
We, the people, deserve better
than this murderous and inexcusable insanity. The markets that you serve
so slavishly are not free, the human cost is incalculable. If there is
any point to life it is life itself that should be revered not money and
certainly not profit from human misery. It is long overdue that
humanity grew up and that applies most to those who aspire to power with
malicious intent.

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