The law isn’t the only justice in the land, not by a long way.


September 23, 2015 by socialaction2014

 A letter a day to number 10. No 1,210

Thursday 24 September 2015. The law isn’t the only justice in the land, not by a long way.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

You really don’t understand or even care about ordinary people at all
do you? Ashcroft petulantly having a go at you, and your reported
comments – ‘a little prick, a stab in the back’ – ‘rather summed up my
day’, you rich boys having a spat is nothing to the axe you’ve planted
in our backs and for which people are paying with their lives and our
children go hungry.

It never ceases to amaze me, the crass,
arrogant, attitude of the worst of the aristocracy and the wealthy. You
can be at one of the most lavish banquets in the UK, waited on hand and
foot, never stopping for one moment to consider that those invisible
staff, waiting on you, are the very people you condemned to a permanent
austerity that will never even touch your life in any way.

Ashcroft takes his revenge, for spite, for pride, for being scorned, he
cares nothing for the country he so wanted a high position in. You can
tell exactly what he thinks of this country and us in his spiteful
little bitch-fest against you.

Why do you think #piggate
was such a phenomenon and something you will never be free of? You’ve
never taken the time to get to know us, but had you done so you’d know
that it was a response to egregious harm. You and your government
crossed the line of decency back in the last parliament, but ordinary
people know how to manage, we’re used to it, but you’ve eclipsed
anything in modern history since the war in your bestial treatment of
the people of this country. Soldiers in the trenches managed by rough
good humour and camaraderie, that’s how they survived, how they managed
the horrors of trench life. I am sure you’d find it very common and
disdain it, but did you know us at all, you’d know it for the survival
mechanism it is. And it’s tough.

You might think your spat with
Ashcroft is the important issue but you’d be wrong. You will go down in
infamy as the prime minister and the pig. Quite how it will be couched
hasn’t emerged yet, but make no mistake, you will pay for your contempt
and arrogance, you will pay for austerity and the Independent Living
Fund and our starving children, you will pay for the lives lost because
that pig will live on.

As yet we haven’t found the way to save
our NHS, nor Legal Aid, or get a decent education system back without
crushing people with debt, or stopping Sanctions and driving people into
poverty, homelessness and death, we don’t know how to restore our front
line services or human rights or our social safety net, but if you
think you can get away with such travesties scot-free, think again.
Think pig. May it haunt you for the rest of your life. And if Osborne is
quietly queuing up as your replacement, he’ll fare no better. You all
may think you are above the law, but the law isn’t the only justice in
this land, not by a long way.


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