Prisoners of Conscience- A Mother’s Perspective

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September 20, 2015 by socialaction2014


prisoner of conscience
plural noun: prisoners of conscience
  1. a person who has been put in prison for holding political or religious views that are not tolerated in the state in which they live

When someone dies or perhaps your teenage daughter goes missing overnight or your eldest daughter has just been mugged in another country or even when your son is sent to prison, It feels like the world stops. The emotion is so raw, your world freezes. Its like those freeze frame, filming moments when the person stands still but the camera does a 360 degree, panoramic turn around them. All I can do is look at the carpet tiles below me ( I could replicate the minute pattern if you wish). In disbelief, I feel like my heart is being held inside a metal clamp that’s touching the inner bones of my rib cage. The realisation that…

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