OCG Returns ll “The Flames of Liberation” with Ruby N. Sales, The Spirit House Project

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September 5, 2015 by socialaction2014

OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham  “The Flames of Liberation: Rebellion and Resistance”

Ruby N. Sales, Founder and Director, The Spirit House Project 
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Saturday, September 5, 2015           10 pm EDT
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Welcome to Part II of the 2015 Season as we gather in earnest and with urgency on OUR COMMON GROUND.
are pleased to have Ruby Sales join us tonight as we discuss with you
about our response to a rising and troubling challenge to the agency of
Black people as citizens in this country. As we come closer to the term
end of the first African-American elected to the Presidency, violence
and terrorism of all kinds have been unleashed upon us threatening to
silence our mobilization and voice to protect ourselves, to resist and
to rebel. A slogan alone will not be enough. How do we keep the flames
of liberation burning to move forward in this continuing struggle? 
130 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the legacy of slavery
remains. It is embedded in and influences every aspect of social,
economic and political life. Institutionalized racism is the combined
economic, political, social, cultural, legal, ideological and other
structures that exist to maintain the system of inequality. #RaceMatters 

racism has economic, social, political, ideological and cultural forms,
and denies equality, justice and dignity to all people of color. There
are new problems because of the systemic nature of crisis. Our
discussions should examine what adjustments must be made in these new
efforts to eradicate our place in this society. We rebel and resist the
effort to force us into the margins, to make us invisible and to remove
us to prison for profit camps.

discussions must explore and examine how to elevate our voices in the
fight against police brutality, housing discrimination, immigrant
rights, and the dismantlement of public education to mention a few
issues. At OUR COMMON GROUND provide “a place for our unfiltered
voices”. With the brightest, most loyal and insightful Black activists,
community organizers and servants, scholars, researchers, journalists
and social scientists we raise, clarify and illuminate the racist
dimension of these issues, show how their roots lie in the system of
capitalism and its new stage of crisis. 

You are invited to bring your thoughts about the pressing issues facing our community.

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Where does our outrage meet the challenge of change?

OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham
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