Abolishing Private Prisons


August 28, 2015 by socialaction2014

Posted: 27 Aug 2015 07:29 AM PDT

in for two hours of news, information and commentary. Today’s Topics:
• Ferguson’s new municipal court judge, Judge Donald McCullin, issued
an order Monday to withdraw all arrest warrants issued before the end of
last year saying he is “continue the process of restoring confidence in
the Court” yea right. Let’s talk about that. • More than a dozen
once-profitable private prisons in Texas have failed, including one this
month in South Texas. Let’s check the details and find out what is
going on in Texas. • Philadelphia police officer Matthew Zagursky is
being accused of extortion after a video surfaced online that shows him
forcing a driver to buy tickets to a fundraiser – or else. • Last week
in Sumpter, Sc I went to see Bernie Sanders speak on abolishing private
prisons and spoke with his team there. We’ll listen to what I heard and
discuss it here on New Abolitionist Radio. • Speaking of Senator
Sanders, Today on New Abolitionists Radio the America is #Ferguson
series continues. There is no rule making us do each state in
alphabetical order. So let’s break the pattern and go with what’s
relevant. Today the senators home state of VERMONT is #Ferguson. • This
week’s Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is 32-year-old
John Grega of Vermont. In December 1994, Grega was arrested and charged
with aggravated murder and aggravated sexual assault. After DNA evidence
found him innocent He was released on bond on August 22, 2012. And then
it got worse… we’ll tell his story. • Our Abolitionist in profile is
Vermont’s U.S. Sen. William Upham. (August 5, 1792 – January 14, 1853)

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