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August 10, 2015 by socialaction2014

Politics and Insights


People who need to claim benefits also have to live hand to mouth, from week to week. We are already poor. It just takes one missed payment to completely empty your cupboards; to strand you indoors; to turn your light, heating and hot water off and leave you in a state of soul-sapping desperation. And if you are chronically ill, that flare – an exacerbation of defining symptoms –  will also pay you a visit, for sure. You are having a bad time. Well have some more.

And don’t for one minute ever assume that you will always be paid what you are entitled to; for we have a government that has explored every way possible to take away your support, regardless of your circumstances, and it DOES so.

Poverty reduces people from cultural and social beings to isolated individuals who are pre-occupied with the struggle to fulfil biological…

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