Justice4Sanaz at Surround Yarl’s Wood — Shut Down Dentention Centers! And Other Demos…#SaveKelechi

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August 9, 2015 by socialaction2014


It’s been fairly quiet on the Justice4Sanaz blog because for the past few weeks we’ve been working with a Manchester-based filmmaker, Naomi Mabita on a short film about this very campaign.

We’ve also been busy attending many demos. First of which was the anti-austerity demo in London that took place on the 20th June 2015.

11416382_10152889401720843_8717134149100876501_o Sanaz Raji marching with 250,000 others to Westminster during the 20th June 201 anti-austerity demo against further draconian austerity policies and the rise of racist xenophobia in the UK.

10483976_10152889464950843_3459075222946942202_o “Fuck the Fucking Fuckers” our favorite sign from the anti-austerity demo and the most succinct message to the nasty Tories right outside 10 Downing Street.

On the 6th July 2015, Justice4Sanaz took part in protest that shut down the Elbit plant in Shenston from making drone technology for the Israeli government that have been used to kill and cause destruction to Palestinians in Gaza.

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