This is Tori…

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August 7, 2015 by socialaction2014

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This is Tori…..


She died due to the medical neglect of the Lebanon County Correctional Facility….. The recent news paper articles where the Pennsylvania State Police and Robert J Phillips have stated that they did nothing wrong and Tori’s death was determined to be from “natural causes”…… She went into the prison on Friday March 31st…. she was suffering from withdrawal symptoms of heroin…. Tori was normally a VERY healthy, Smart and beautiful young lady. Yes, she made the mistake ( don’t we all make mistakes) of allowing two monsters into her life, the first monster was her boyfriend…. he introduced her to the second monster, drugs.The report said she died of Chronic Drug Use and Anorexia…. resulting in “natural causes”……. there are MANY additional things stated in the report that I can’t talk about…. yet but, I assure you…. this “cloud” Robert Phillips and Lebanon County is worried…

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