Lead the Way Out of the Interrogation Room: Will American Psychological Assoc. End Role in Torture?

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August 7, 2015 by socialaction2014

http://democracynow.org – We broadcast from Toronto, Canada, where the largest group of psychologists in the world, the American Psychological Association, his holding its first meeting since the release of a stunning report confirming the APA leadership actively colluded with the Pentagon and the CIA, manipulating the organization’s policies, meetings and members in order to endorse the torture programs. For the past decade, a group of dissident psychologists have protested the use of psychologists to conduct interrogations at CIA black sites and Guantánamo. For years they were ignored and ridiculed. But that changed with the recent release of “The Hoffman Report,” a 542-page independent review commissioned by the APA’s board of directors. The study undermined the APA’s repeated denials that some of its 130,000 members were complicit in torture. Following the release, four top APA officials resigned or announced early retirements. Today the APA’s Council of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a resolution to bar psychologists from participating in interrogations. It is unclear if the measure will pass. Ahead of the vote, Psychologists for Social Responsibility hosted a town hall meeting here in Toronto last night. Speakers included New York-based psychologist Steven Reisner, a leading critic of the APA’s policies and founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology. “We have to make sure the APA goes from leading us into the dark side, leading us into the torture room … to leading the way out of the interrogation room,” Reisner says.


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