Dylann Roof – Hate Crimes & What Makes A Terrorist? with Jenna McLaughlin of The Intercept

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August 4, 2015 by socialaction2014

Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in a hate crime on a Charleston Church, but was not charged with anything related to terrorism or domestic terrorism. The tricky legal definition of terrorism and hate crimes, how using a handgun can determine if you are charged as a terrorist, and the perception that white people cannot be terrorists, but muslim people can are explored with the Intercept’s Jenna McLaughlin on this Lip News interview, hosted by Elliot Hill.

Jenna McLaughlin is a reporter and blogger covering surveillance and national security. She previously covered national security and foreign policy at Mother Jones magazine as an editorial fellow. There, she recently published a deep-dive investigation into the self-proclaimed “freedom fighter” Matthew VanDyke and his mission, entrenched in problems, to train the Assyrian Christians of Iraq to fight ISIS. She routinely covered the Pentagon’s sexual assault problem, putting pressure on Lackland Air Force base and others to address issues with reporting and preventing assaults. Her coverage of the Islamic State, ISIS, has been cited by recent novels and other stories on the subject, and her coverage of Twitter and its relationship to privacy and counterterrorism has been referenced in congressional testimony. She has also published multiple freelance articles with the National Journal, and previously worked for Baltimore City Paper and DC Magazine.


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