The Tories, an insult to human intelligence (or any other come to that).


August 2, 2015 by socialaction2014


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,167

Monday 03 August 2015. The Tories, an insult to human intelligence (or any other come to that).

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Dear Mr Cameron,

After yesterdays whistle stop tour of ‘around the Tories in 80 days’ I
have to say that probably your greatest offence is the daily onslaught
of government insults to our intelligence.

At a time of record
production and confidence and of unimaginable wealth both in the UK and
globally aided by hitherto equally unimaginable technological advances,
what does your long term economic plan consist of? Punish the poor,
attack workers, the sick and disabled and expect the poor to be solely
responsible for paying down the national debt. I have no idea what my
personal contribution is to the government pay pot, but whatever it is I
do not pay you to insult me or anyone else.

I have no wish to
denigrate those who cook meals for the elderly, work in parks or clean
up war memorials, these are all important jobs that should be respected
and paid well. What is offensive is that you choose them as examples of
work that young people should be forced into without pay, in so doing
denigrating both those who do such work (paid or voluntary) as a matter
of choice and young people.

You say you want an economy that
delivers for people who want to work hard and get on in life, with the
best schools and skills for young people. Oh really? Have you ever heard
of computers and digital technology? I know five year olds who can use
the wealth of apps on a mobile phone far better than I can. Where are
the inspiring creative arts apprenticeship placements and jobs for young
people in film, music, art, the written word, or work in theatres,
studios and performing arts? Where are the placements in digital
technology, research and development, out on the cutting edge of shaping
tomorrows world? Where are the teachers, nurses, doctors and front line
services, that we need and yet which you are destroying.

do we get? A dismal race to the bottom, sanctions, poverty, austerity
and people taking their own lives in a world fit to bust with wealth, in
which corporations get benefit hand outs worth £93 billion a year and
the banks were given £375 billion in Quantitative Easing which they used
to play the financial markets to line their own pockets and feed their
own rapacious greed.

Whilst you play with your magic bible, the
Tory manifesto, and ridiculously and childishly call it ‘the good
book’, your government is an insult to the intelligence of every woman,
man and child in this country.

By the way, How’s Michael Goves
foot, which he couldn’t be bothered to get properly treated and which he
and his wife used for a filthy attack on and insult to our NHS? Wasn’t
it Gove who was one of several Conservative MP who co-authored ‘Direct
Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party’ which states the “NHS fails
to meet public expectations” and calls for it to be dismantled and
replaced with personal health accounts? He should have gone private
then, eh? When he opened his mouth, he should have put his foot firmly
in it and spared us his insults.


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