Conflicting evidence emerges over the death of Sandra Bland


July 22, 2015 by socialaction2014

The Waller County Sheriff’s Department has released more video of the hours before activist Sandra Bland was found dead in her prison cell following a traffic violation arrest. However, the new footage does not add more to clarity to Bland’s case, and activists and family members are demanding an investigation from the Department of Justice to find answers. Anya Parampil speaks with Michael Hardy, general counsel of to the National Action Network, to get an in-depth understanding of this legal situation.

USA: “You’re breaking my wrist!” – Sandra Bland screams during arrest

Sandra Bland: video released from inside county jail leading up to hanging

African American woman, 28, died in custody three days after Texas traffic stop in which supporters say dashcam images show trooper was agitated

‘What happened to Sandy?’: protesters tie Sandra Bland case to US race tensions

Demonstrators question official account that black woman ‘upbeat’ about new job would hang herself in light of high-profile police killings of African Americans

Sandra Bland’s independent autopsy completed as family reveal dash cam footage shows the incident that led to her arrest began with disagreement over a cigarette

Authorities claim Bland hanged herself with a plastic bag at Waller County Jail in Texas three days after being pulled over for a traffic stop
Results of the independent autopsy ordered by Bland’s family, who called the account ‘unfathomable’, have not yet been released
Family lawyer Cannon Lambert said the dash cam footage shows the trooper returning to Bland’s car with what appears to be a written warning
The trooper is then heard asking Bland to put out her cigarette, to which she responded ‘Why do I have to put out a cigarette in my own car?’
Lambert said the trooper is then seen trying to force Bland out of the car by opening her door before he pulled out his Taser and she complied
Video taken by a bystander shows an officer holding Bland to the ground during the arrest as she can be heard claiming they slammed her head
Lambert said there is no footage that shows Lambert kicking an officer, as the Texas Department of Public Safety claimed
The FBI is currently investigating Brand’s death

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3 thoughts on “Conflicting evidence emerges over the death of Sandra Bland

  1. Jeff Winbush says:

    I am SO DAMN TIRED of this kind of madness. We are dying and being told it’s always our fault. At some point there’s going to be an uprising and when there is next time I don’t think it’s just Black folks being killed and having their blood spilled.

    I don’t want it to happen, but it’s not going to be our fault if it does.

  2. […] Conflicting evidence emerges over the death of Sandra Bland […]

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