BATTLE NEWS from Brussels re #ForcedAdoptions: Imposed by Judges against Parents’ Wills – the European Dimension

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July 17, 2015 by socialaction2014

Victims Unite!

Arun Dohle is in an India-born German national who was adopted when he was two months old. I had spoken with him on Skype before, but on Monday night we met for a face-to-face conversation. He gave me Romania – for Export Only – by Roelie Post. The back of the book says:

a ferocious lobby that wants to maintain intercountry adoptions stepped out – where global politics and private interests compete with the rights of the child.

Arun is the Executive Director of Action against Child Trafficking. He talked to me about Pound Pup Legacy – the website exposing the dark side of adoption I had been painfully aware of. Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn refers to it in her study that was on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting of the Petitions Committee.

Arun also suggested I write to President Juncker, as I haven’t heard from Vice-President Timmermans, since I handed…

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