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July 14, 2015 by socialaction2014

justice 4 all magdalene women and children.

Angela Collins, Irish born traveller spent 27 years within a magdalene laundry at peacock lane, cork. Mary Collins, Angela Collins’ daughter was forced to visit the magdalene laundries for 11 years of her life while under the church’s and governments care in an abusive children’s home.

She was made to watch her mum across a table while she was drugged by the nuns to keep Angela calm. Mary was terribly abused while in the laundries and out of the laundries. Mary Collins was taken from her mother although social services records state that Angela’s children were all very well looked after, another fail on the governments part.

The Irish government had made an apology to the magdalene survivors in 2013 and have put in place a compensation scheme on behalf of the living women. The apology was only on for the women still living and not the women that had…

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