Kids: war’s most brutal & merciless – ex-child soldier

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July 13, 2015 by socialaction2014

For too many children around the globe there is no family or love. Their world consists only of violence and the killing they are forced to commit to survive in the harsh reality of war. Their family is their commanders, and their only school is the battlefield. Having gone through desperation, cruelty and non-stop bloodshed, can a child soldier subsequently lead a normal life? Or are these kids truly the “lost generation”? Why are some young people, even in the West, fascinated by radical ideologies that perpetrate death and destruction? Can you teach “peace” to a child if the only thing they have known is violence? Today, we stare into the ugly face of war through the eyes of one former child-soldier, a man who fought in Sierra Leone at an age of 11. Ishmael Beah is on Sophie&Co today.


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