The Story of Steven Castanedo


July 11, 2015 by socialaction2014


justice4The story of the miscarriage of justice for Steven Castanedo is not only heartbreaking, it serves as a warning to all citizens that the law does not discriminate: we are all susceptible to being railroaded by the corruption of the system.

What went wrong for Steven 

Steven’s life was just getting back on track when  he was arrested for the murder of his friend, Juan Tavarus.  He was ultimately charged with 2nd degree murder.  February 2008 turned out to be a horrific experiene; it seemed unreal to Steven. Over the course of time, his life unfolded.  One would ask “how does this happen?” Well, the many flaws of our US judicial system lends us all to being prey to this happening. Not only was physical evidence missing, but he had an attorney who could not try his case (because he was not prepared) and subject to the cruelness of an…

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One thought on “The Story of Steven Castanedo

  1. Thank you for sharing Steven’s story! Hopefully with more awareness he will get the justice he deserves.

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