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July 9, 2015 by socialaction2014

He was made famous world wide when his video showed police committing the murder Eric Garner and police will not “LET IT GO”.
For the 3rd time Ramsey Orta has been arrested by NYPD Police and it appears no relief for Ramsey is in sight. This is the 3rd arrest of since he filmed the “chokehold” MURDER of ERIC GARNER by Staten Island police – and not a single officer has been arrested for that murder! But Ramsey Orta who filmed the murder has been arrested 3 separate times since the murder. Bail in amounts of $75,000 then $100,000 were requested by the city to obtain his release. And due to the outpour of support by community activists bail was raised in both arrests and he was released. The City of New York has raked in thousands of dollars in bail by the arrests of Ramsey Orta. And with this 3rd arrest people are beginning to wonder if the arrests Ramsey Orta are now viewed as some sort of “Cash Cow” by the city of New York.


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