Resisting Anglophone Apathy: Ignoring the Genocidal Self-Immolation of Kalief Browder Through the Public Baptism of Caitlyn Jenner

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June 14, 2015 by socialaction2014

Moorbey'z Blog

Aboriginal Press News Service Public Radio (APNSPR)

by aboriginalpress

twitter.com_2015-06-13_16-07-52Summary: TheAngryindian asks: What is more important to the North American general public? The slow and agonising death of an innocent, young African man (Khalif Browder) who was falsely arrested; illegally detained; unlawfully brutalised and ultimately destroyed as a human being by individuals who operate a virtual US system of institutional injustice, the 43-year purgatory of solitary confinement endured by Bro. Albert Woodfox for being an unrepentant African-Rights activist or, the very public (and relatively peaceful and very expensive) transformation of former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner, a staunch US Republican whose political party and social culture is proudly hateful and actively antagonistic towards Transgendered and African people alike. The blatant contradictions of such a scenario says much about the moral quality of the United States under the Obama administration and a lot more about the people who actually make…

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