Marriage Equality Worldwide ….. “Victory in Ireland”!!


May 23, 2015 by socialaction2014

It Is What It Is


~~May 23, 2015~~ 

BREAKING: Historic Victory for Marriage Equality in Ireland


Today, May 23, 2015, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, hailed the historic victory for marriage equality in Ireland.

Ireland is the first country in the world to pass marriage equality through a national referendum, and the 21st country to decide to afford same-sex couples full marriage rights.  

“Voters in Ireland had a rare opportunity to make their country and the world more just and more equal — and that’s just what they did,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.

“As these election results prove, momentum for equality reaches around the globe. HRC is proud to join our partners in Ireland in celebrating this historic victory which guarantees that everyone has the same right to marry the person they love.

Love can’t wait, not in…

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  1. Dr. Rex says:

    Thanks so very much for this reblog!! Hugs …. sweet friend!!!

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