Acts of war against the people. ‪#‎CameronMustGo‬


November 30, 2014 by socialaction2014

A letter a day to number 10. No 932

Monday 01 December 2014. Acts of war against the people.‪#‎CameronMustGo‬

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Food is a weapon of war, oppressing, controlling, starving and killing people by knowingly and deliberately removing from them the means of survival is an act of war and a crime against humanity. The use of sanctions by Iain Duncan Smith is an act of war.

Preventing people helping and feeding the homeless is a crime against humanity. It is an assault on the lives of those who are denied aid and it is an assault on the humanity and moral dignity of those offering aid.

The law only exists because we are moral creatures, yet now laws are passed and enforced by those who have lost or forsaken their moral compass. The law serves morality, morality does not serve the law.

I was arrested in August 2012 and in the interview was asked if I had refused an order from a Police Officer to leave the scene. I confirmed this was the case as I was there as a photographer witness and was then told that I had broken the law in refusing to leave. My response was that the law was therefore an ass denying me my moral authority and right to be there as a witness.

The Police and courts rely on witnesses as integral to the judicial system, in fact my niece was recently served with a witness summons by a Police Officer demanding her appearance in court which, under the circumstances of the case, she refused to do. She was told that if she did not appear, the court would issue a warrant for her arrest. You can’t have it both ways.

We are now living in a rogue state which daily commits acts of terrorism and war against its own people. There is no political or moral justification for these acts, they are without moral, ethical or humane justification and no law can make them right. Any society, even the most dictatorial, relies on the consent of the people in order to function. People may be coerced and act under duress, but that is not consent, at best it is an act of endurance but at some point the will of the people will find expression.

It is only a matter of time, Mr Cameron, you can seal yourselves in a bubble of self serving and selfish interest, but it cannot last. It is the inalienable moral right of every woman, man and child who can tell the difference between wrong and right to oppose you.…/ids-government-under-fire-massagi……/feeding-homeless-to-be-banned-by-…

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    A letter a day to number 10. No 932. Monday 01 December 2014. Acts of war against the people. #CameronMustGo

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