The promotion of violence starts right at the top.

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November 25, 2014 by socialaction2014

A letter a day to number 10. No 927

Wednesday 26 November 2014. The promotion of violence starts right at the top.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Apparently Theresa May has said, “Too many young men still think it is OK to hit their girlfriends, while many young women do not realise such relationships are unhealthy”. “Asked at the event (the 40th birthday of Women’s Aid) whether some of the causes could be violent porn or video games, she said: “It’s difficult with these things to say exactly what it is that has led to this. The environment in which violence appears to be acceptable in any form helps to lead to this sort of thinking”. ”

May finds it difficult to know what has led to this environment, really?

On a day when Tony Blair gets an award from the charity ‘Save the Children’ when he is responsible for countless child deaths in Iraq, May is confused? With infanticidal maniacs at the top of the political tree there’s no confusion involved. It’s not violent porn or video games, it’s government!

With thirteen million suffering the violence of poverty and hundreds of thousands of children in absolute poverty in the UK, violence comes from the very top!

Your government has signed a secret deal with the USA on Trident missiles. Far from ridding the world of the potential for a nuclear holocaust, you’re promoting it. If you are looking for a standard of behaviour and an agenda on violence which might confuse youngsters just look at the real world, it’s leaders, politicians, the banks who fund wars, the arms dealers who are aggressively promoting and selling arms, the corporations who get fat on war.

May might have eventually admitted that her racist vans were a bad idea, but they did their job, stirring up racial tension and hatred, at least young men aren’t sending out thugs in stab vests to do their dirty work for them.

Iain Duncan Smith spits out our dead and refuses to publish figures for the victims of his ‘Welfare reforms’.

God help us, the bloody hypocrisy takes my breath away! The world is insane with violence and where’s it coming from? Right from the top! In that environment, what chance do kids have?…/theresa-may-young-people-domes……/save-the-children-furious-char………/06/more-children-in-absolute-poverty…/nuclear-weapons-us-uk-cooperat……/…/racist-vans-didn-t-work-admits-……/rip-david-clapson-anothe…/

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