Reward the rich and starve the poor.

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August 5, 2014 by socialaction2014


A letter a day to number 10. No 821.

Wednesday 06 August 2014. Reward the rich and starve the poor.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

When Esther McVey announced to parliament in 2012 that ‘More than 300,000 disabled people will have their benefits cut when Disability Living Allowance is replaced by a new benefit,’ she was doing so before a single assessment had been made. There has been no impact assessment to this day and McVey has no medical training on which she can call for even an ill informed opinion. What she was doing was announcing cuts against the most vulnerable, absent of any evidence that they were merited or justified.

The welfare reforms were set up to betray disabled people, in which they have been very successful as the entire welfare system has been shown to be ever more punitive, whilst the people are fed jingoistic nonsense about making work pay when nothing could be further from the truth.

Osborne used UK tax money to fight the EU cap on bankers bonuses, that’s how you incentivise the rich, the DWP use sanctions and cuts to incentivise the poor with McVey saying that Jobcentres “have their best interests at heart”. You reward the rich and punish the poor. The wealthy are worthy of greater riches and protections, the poor are unworthy of even the basic means of survival and this hypocrisy is spoon fed to the nation through an endless tissue of lies.

McVey had the patronising and disgusting insolence to liken sanctions to teachers in school, “What does a teacher do in a school? A teacher would tell you off or give you lines or whatever it is, detentions, but at the same times they are wanting your best interests at heart. They are teaching you, they are educating you but at the same time they will also have the ability to sanction you.” What utter nonsense! No teacher in their right mind would ever confiscate a child’s lunch as a punishment and if such a thing was done by some teacher who had lost the plot, no teacher would be expected to continue to work under a month to three years pay stoppage for even the slightest misdemeanour. And, by the by, infantalising adults in such a patronising manner is an insult to intelligent life.

— inPeasedown Saint John.


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