The targeting of ordinary people.

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July 28, 2014 by socialaction2014


A letter a day to number 10. No 812.

Monday 28 July 2014. The targeting of ordinary people.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

The most shocking thing that has occurred since the banks crashed the world economy is the global response of making ordinary people collateral damage through austerity and holding them responsible for recovery whilst rewarding the rich and in particular those responsible for the crash.

I was watching a news report from Australia yesterday and the same striver and abandonment of social care rhetoric as yours is being used against poor and vulnerable people there.

Worse still is that this targeting of the poor is carried out through the casual use of disinformation, spin and lies by governments and spoon fed to the nation via the media.

I am not sure how far back the civilian as target goes, but I can clearly see how it unfolded after 9/11 when Bush promoted the ‘terrorist’ as the new enemy. It’s clear that Bush changed the enemy from armed forces and the governments who control them to a phantasm which meant anyone, anywhere, lurking in the shadows, plotting against governments and nations.

The terrorist in our midst became the new bogeyman threatening the entire structure of society and the nation and this empty headed idea has been pursued ever since, as if some cell or group could threaten the life and well being of an entire nation and it’s armed might.

This idea of the enemy as everyman/woman now includes the economic enemies of state, the unemployed, the poor, the sick and disabled. It has led to a carte blanche approach to the abandonment of a duty of care by governments for ordinary people through casual demonisation and blame for every social and economic ill.

The closure of fire stations and hospitals as economic necessity or ‘good financial management’ and, as is the present case of Charring Cross Hospital, the casual lies of continued services such as A&E, when there will be no such thing, and this loss heralded as ‘transformation’ targets the lives of ordinary people.

Gaza right now stands as a beacon for the casual eradication of ordinary men, women and children, civilians, for political and economic gain. What is not yet proportionate is the outcry against this deliberate targeting of ordinary people. It has to stop, Mr Cameron, the only question that remains is when?

— in Peasedown Saint John.

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