Fallen Women, Bad Blood and Ireland’s Shame

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July 27, 2014 by socialaction2014


Well may she weep Well may she weep

My mother was one of those “fallen women” we have been hearing so much about of late. In fact she was “worse” than most – getting pregnant out of wedlock was bad enough – but in her case her relationship had been with a Protestant.

She did have one piece of luck, however. She happened to be working in England at the time and so with a bit of good advice from friends she was able to find a nursing home in Manchester which was not run by nuns but by a caring, independent woman who did not judge and find wanting the young women who came to her for help, and so that’s where I was born.

I was adopted at birth and, for the most part have had a good life. It is true that separating a baby from its birth mother causes a…

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