In the company of madmen 2.

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June 27, 2014 by socialaction2014

In the company of madmen 2.

A letter a day to number 10. No 783.

Saturday 28 June 2014. In the company of madmen 2.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

In the company of madmen 2 – Osbornomics: Reward the rich and punish the poor.

The war on the poor is to continue as Osborne plans to impose more austerity on the poor whilst rewarding the rich. I note that Osborne has created dozens more tax reliefs, or loop holes, for the rich to enjoy and exploit.

Meanwhile the highly selective Royal accounts have been published, letting us know that the frugality of the Royals is exemplified in the £4 million refurbishment of the ‘ordinary family home’ of Kate and William with its more than 20 rooms. Given that this is publicly funded housing, thus, broadly speaking, social housing, should Kate and William not be investigated for under occupancy? I know, I am being silly, so don’t bother to reply to that, under occupancy only applies to plebs. Silly me with my leftist ideas. What am I like? Lord Freud, who only occupies his own eight bedroom pile at weekends and for holidays, seems to think that poor people with an extra room in social housing are a threat to life as we know it.

Democracy is for the rich and powerful. We live in a top down democracy where those at the top can do pretty much what they like even whilst making all the rules and laws that the rest of us must live and be hounded by. Even HMRC are in on the act, naming and shaming small businesses who have avoided taxes whilst cutting sweetheart deals worth billions with the likes of Goldman Sachs and Vodafone.

Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit fiasco has cost tax payers a staggering amount of money and has now had to be reset and be treated as a new project. No one even knows what the cost of the new project is even likely to be.

Dr Éoin Clarke did an excellent report of 40 ways your government have wasted £34 billion of our taxes.

It’s a case of no limits at the top when it comes to waste and excess, greed and avarice and no holds barred in driving poor people into the ground. If that’s not madness then I do not know what is.

The royal household is openly abusing public money

Click to access defaulters-list.pdf — in Peasedown Saint John.

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